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The Vanwyk Group is made up of three of leading suppliers of machinery and systems for the global textile industry

Vanwyk Systems

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Founded in 1959, Vanwyk has become a leading manufacturer of both gravimetrical and volumetric dispensing systems for the textile dyeing, printing and finishing industry. Our systems can fully automate the dispensing, dissolving, mixing and delivery to the destination of powder and liquid chemicals and dyestuff. With a head office and production facilities in the Netherlands Vanwyk delivers its systems all over the world.

The Vanwyk system designs benefit from cross experience gained in other industries such as fine chemicals and coatings. As software is essential part of dispensing technology, Vanwyk has developed its own leading edge software for various industrial applications.

There is a growing awareness of the many improvements that automation can bring to the textile industry. Increasing production efficiency, increasing quality, improving labour conditions, reducing waste and improving environmental conditions are important benefits of automation. Vanwyk is proud on its large and growing base of loyal customers and we are always available to discuss how automation could benefit your production process.

Brugman Holland

Founded in 1954 Brugman is a leading manufacturer of continuous wet finishing machinery for woven fabrics. Since 2002 Brugman is a member of the Vanwyk group of companies. Over the years Brugman introduced various innovative developments to the market. The combination steamer, the Brubo-matic bearing and seal construction and the ‘UNIPAD’ squeezing bowl system are some examples of such innovations. The Brugman production program covers the entire area of pre-treatment of woven fabrics and includes machinery for:

Singeing- and desizing, scouring, bleaching, mercerizing, pad-steam dyeing, cold pad batch dyeing, specialised washing ranges, cylinder dryers, polyester scouring and polyester weight reduction.
Brugman machines are highly versatile and can run all existing types of woven fabrics. Durability, flexibility, repeatability, ease of maintenance and simple operation characterize the Brugman production program.


Founded in 1945 Vald. Henriksen is by far the world’s most successful supplier of Jigger systems with more than 8000 machines supplied. Since 2002 Henriksen is a member of the Vanwyk group of companies, based in the Netherlands.

For seven decades Henriksen has been setting the standard for Jigger processing. The current generation of Jiggers has again been adopted by textile factories all over the world. The high temperature Jigger is available in maximum batch diameters of 700mm, 1200 mm and 1400mm, the atmospheric Jigger in 700mm, 1100mm and 1400mm.
Because of its advanced features to control all aspects of process and fabric tension, the Henriksen Jigger is a full scale production machine that can compete with any continuous dyeing system. In addition a jigger can also dye just a few hundred meters in an economical way.

Henriksen jiggers are used for pre-treatment and dyeing of woven fabrics. An important feature of our systems is absolute reproducibility. A Henriksen Jigger controls the process parameters temperature, time, concentration and liquor ratio within extremely tight tolerances. The advanced process control is combined with an advanced drive system. This drive system does not measure fabric tension but creates the required tension by means of a unique software program. The result is so called ‘first time right’ results for any process.

The machines have a very wide range of applications including degumming and dyeing of silk, dyeing of Aramid fibers like Nomex, Kevlarand Twaron and dyeing of extremely low weight viscose and acetate fabrics.

Published on: July 15, 2015

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