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SPGPrints is a total systems supplier to the textile printing and coating industry, providing prepress systems, printing machines and consumables for the rotary screen and inkjet workflow. SPGPrints’ focus is offering optimum productivity, low total cost ownership and precision quality at every step of the workflow, combined with the potential for creativity on the widest range of fabrics.

SPGPrints offers a comprehensive program of rotary screens and lacquers.
Electroformed seamless nickel cylinders assure stability and smoothest printing results compatible with all paste types, and achieve the top results with all possible textile applications.
For prepress, SPGPrints’ conventional exposure and laser engraving systems ensure high-quality imaging of rotary screen cylinders. Laser engraving systems offer a fast, single-step, eco-friendly, pure digital approach to imaging.

Single pass digital printing

SPGPrints is the inventor of the digital inkjet process and, 25 years on, remains at the forefront in developing the process. The company is driving the mainstream adoption of digital process with the introduction of a new single pass digital printer: PIKE, based on ARCHER technology.
SPGPrints’ proprietary inkjet inks achieve the industry’s highest runnability levels. They are available in four chemistries that, together, offer excellent results on sublimation papers, natural fibres, polyester, lycra, wool and silk.
Through continuous innovation, a global distribution network, and subsidiary companies in the USA, Brazil, Mexico, Pakistan, India, China, and Turkey, SPGPrints adds significant value to its customers’ processes and products.

Published on: July 14, 2015

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